Your Customers Are All Carrying Smartphones

Nearly 1.5 billion people own smartphones. In mature markets, at least two-thirds of the population carry them. Which means that now, for the first time, businesses can craft go-to-market strategies assuming their customers are carrying smartphones.

This Changes Everything

With a half-dozen sensors inside and access to myriad online resources, smartphones are uniquely capable of understanding their owners, their likes and dislikes, their moods, where they are and what's nearby. It has the ability to anticipate what they want and need. And to do something about it. More than any other person, place or thing in their lives.

That's the promise of contextual awareness: to give smartphones the tools to understand people and their current situation well enough to begin making decisions and even taking action on their behalf. It is a notion that is at once exciting and terrifying.

The Time is Now

Many companies from many different areas - both inside the smartphone and out - are working urgently to enable contextual awareness. The purpose of the MarketsofOne TechSummit is to nurture this nascent ecosystem by bringing together decision-makers from all those areas.

MarketsofOne attendees will get the latest on this game-changing technology. They'll discover what other players are contributing to this fast-growing pool of capabilities, and how they can best profit from it. MarketsofOne brings together visionaries, decision-makers and implementers from these companies to reach a greater understanding of where the field stands today, what needs to happen to realize the near-limitless potential, and how to identify the best routes to profitability.

Don’t Miss Out!

Delivering messages in context soon will be the primary way to connect with customers. If you can't tell them what they want to hear when they want to hear it, then you're not going to be heard. It's that simple. Don't get left behind. Come meet key decision-makers from the many centers of contextual intelligence. Learn from them. Exchange ideas with them. Partner with them. Before your competitors do.

Be there. Four Seasons, Palo Alto, April 10, 2014

Attend the MarketsofOne TechSummit to get the latest on this game-changing technology. Discover what other players are contributing to this fast-growing pool of capabilities, and how your company can best profit from adapting early.

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Who Should Attend:

Senior-level decision-makers at companies who are investing money and other precious resources to contextual awareness.

    These include:

  • Apps processor, sensor hub and sensor suppliers
  • Wireless carriers
  • Internet search providers
  • Ad service suppliers
  • Big-data analytics houses
  • Artificial intelligence developers
  • App developers
  • Traditional and digital media houses
  • Internet-of-Things enablers
  • Public and private research institutions
  • Venture capitalists and other investment firms

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